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Azubu Chat Bot

This product along with its support has been discontinued

Support for blacklisting words of any mods’ choice has been added. This feature can be very useful if a streamer or any of the mods for the streamer want to have specific words removed from the chat whenever they are said. The blacklisted words are up to mods’ discretion, thus they can add and remove words whenever they so choose.

To add a word, use the ?addword command and to remove a word use ?removeword. The word you would like to add/remove must come after the command.

There are a few things one will need to do in order to get the bot operational.

The bot requires Python 2.7.X in order to work.

It also requires a Quakenet Authentication ID. To obtain one simple hop on with your desired nickname for the bot and type /msg Q hello and follow the instructions. You’ll need this user and password for the configuration.

You will also want to use the webchat to perform a /whois on your streamer profile to obtain your streamer hostmask. It will appear similar to this: – you will need this for later configurations as well.

Once you’ve downloaded a copy you’ll want to change the following lines of code:

Line 21: Change the nickname of the bot

NICK = 'Azubot'

Line 22: Chats the bot automatically joins

CHAN = ['#Channel']

Line 26 & Line 27: Quakenet User and Password

AUTH = 'Your auth'
PASSWORD = 'your password'

Line 287, 330, and 337: Change the hostmask to your streamer hostmask.

287: if(line[0] == "UserName!ident@hostmask" and line[3].lower() == "quit"):
330: if(line[0] == "UserName!ident@hostmask" and "?join" in line):
337: if(line[0] == "UserName!ident@hostmask" and "?part" in line):

After you’ve made all the changes run the bot using python windows / unix) or ./ (unix only).

It is recommended you use a unix machine but if you need to use a windows machine, use cygwin to run it or Sublime Text 2. There will be characters that can’t be viewed using the command prompt on Windows.

The bot should then connect to the server and join the chats you specified. Finally you will need to mod the bot by typing /mod [Your bots name] and you are all set.

Support: Self-supported if you have a copy. I am no longer updating or maintaining this.

Source Code: