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September 2019

Developing a Methodology

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I’ve been asked several times on Discord to create a post regarding my methodology and how to establish one. Mainly the individuals asking me this are new OSCP Students. As such this is primarily targeting the new OSCP students and for those genuinely interested as to my methodology.

Disclaimer: This is not the end all be all or the *best* methodology out there.

I will lay out some useful tools that are necessary for their specific service that are utilized to execute a methodology. The list may not be complete or contain all there is out in the wild. That being said, the list will contain the crucial and useful tools required for the OSCP Labs and Certification exam.

Selecting a Tool for Note Taking

There are a number of tools available for taking and storing notes. Note taking is essential for the OSCP lab and exam. Additionally, it’s a good habit to take notes especially if you are in the Red Teaming or Penetration Testing field.

CherryTree: I personally used CherryTree for the lab and exam. Another OSCP student had created a template for CherryTree which I copied to my github which can be found here: