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April 2019

OSCP Exam Attempt #2


I failed my second OSCP exam attempt. This is more just a post detailing my new experiences the second time around. Additionally, I’ll be adding to the take-aways from my first attempt.

For those of you first tuning in, should you wish to review my first attempt you can do so here:


A month after failing my first exam attempt with 55 points, I was determined to try again. I had planned out my method for attacking the exam the second go around. I had also tried to work on various areas that I felt I was weak during my first exam.

In the end, I failed my second attempt with 55 points again. However, I have a hunch on what I needed to do in order to get 75 points. In the end though, I will never know unless I receive the same 5 exam machines which I doubt will happen.

Practicing More via HackTheBox

I had purchased a year subscription to HackTheBox and looked up all of the hosts that were OSCP like: