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February 2019

OSCP Exam Attempt #1


I failed my first OSCP exam attempt. This is more just a post detailing my experiences and take aways from this OSCP exam attempt.


I started my OSCP journey about 3 months ago back in November 2018. I had been volunteering for my companies Red Team without much prior knowledge of a proper pentration test. My degree is a Bachelors of Science in Computer Security & Forensics. My major or program back in university was brand new so they did not have everything hashed out curriculum wise. So I took some classes here and there and one of them was to play around with Backtrack. We didn't really cover any tools and my professor just said "here's Backtrack, try running the Armitage Hail Mary" command.

Anyway, I've learned a lot of different tools, methodologies, and ways of thinking after starting to volunteer my time with the Red Team at my company. I was able to secure funding from my company to pay for my 90 day lab time and OSCP exam attempt. Before even starting my lab time I spent quite a while just downloading VMs off VulnHub. I would do fairly well with most machines I downloaded but was quite nervous to start my OSCP journey in the labs and eventually take the OSCP exam. It took a couple of my co-workers to basically say "quit being a whimp and start it already" but more in a sugar coated manner.