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October 2018

OpenSpy: Replacement for GameSpy Arcade

OpenSpy: A Replacement for GameSpy Arcade

OpenSpy is an open source solution replacing GameSpy Arcade and the GameSpy services that were shutdown on May 31, 2014. Most if not all of the base code was written by a user known as CHC whom was a heavy Tony Hawk Pro Skater fan. CHC developed the backend code I am using today to host the GameSpy Arcade services. 

CHC has since developed the code further to start supporting old games that were once hosted on GameSpy Arcade. He has been working on a new version of the core services to be more robust and code efficient. 

As of right now, the copy of OpenSpy I am running is utilizing the OpenSpy Core v1. There are still things that I am resolving that CHC was unaware of regarding GameSpy Arcade and it's services.

CHC is actually running his own copy of OpenSpy with Core v2 running hosting a few games related to the Tony Hawk game series. The following games are supported via CHC's implementation:

  • Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (PS2)
  • Call of Duty: Finest Hour (PS2)
  • Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (PS2)
  • Empire Earth II (PC)
  • Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (PC)
  • Empire Earth III (PC)
  • FlatOut (PS2)
  • FlatOut 2 (PS2)
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS2)
  • SWAT 4 (PS2)
  • SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate (PS2)
  • The Hustle: Detroit Streets (PS2)
  • Tony Hawk's Proskater 4 (PS2)
  • Tony Hawk's Underground (PC, PS2)
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PC, PS2)
  • Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (PC)
  • World Series of Poker (PS2)
  • Worms 4: Mayhem (PS2)
  • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PS2)

OpenSpy GameSpy

ch4inrulz: 1.0.1 Vulnhub Walkthrough

ch4inrulz: 1.0.1Vulnhub Walkthrough

WARNING: There will be spoilers to ch4inrulz: 1.0.1 VM from Vulnhub. This is your warning! If you wish to penetration test this machine, do not scroll down much further.

The ch4inrulz: 1.0.1 Vulnhub VM was rather fun to dissect. There were some tricks embedded into the VM to throw one off which certainly got me for quite a bit.

The ch4inrulz: 1.0.1 Vulnhub VM download can be found here:,247/

Date Released: July 31, 2018
Author: Askar
Series: Ch4inrulz

Here's the basic description taken from Vulnhub: