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July 2018

Wire App: Bot Registration Scripts

Registering a bot with Wire Secure Messaging Services

You may be attempting to register your bot with the backend of Wire's secure messaging service. 

On most of the Wire github repositories for the various bots that have been developed, they all make mention of adding the "Don" bot or the "DevBot" in order to register your bot with their service.

Unfortunately, the "Don" bot as far as I am aware has been moved to Wire's Secure Messaging Teams. The "DevBot" I don't really know all that much about.

So you still might be wondering, how on earth do I register my service? Well during my scouring of the Wire repositories on github I came across a few shell scripts created by Dejan Kovacevic whom has created the Java based bot.

I've copied the shell scripts into the NodeJs bot that was created and that I started to use for my company. The script to register a bot with Wire's secure messaging provider is as follows:

Blacklight Vulnhub Walkthrough

Blacklight Vulnhub VM

Blacklight Vulnhub Walkthrough

WARNING: There will be spoilers to Blacklight VM from Vulnhub. This is your warning! If you wish to penetration test this machine, do not scroll down much further.

The Blacklight Vulnhub VM was a rather short and simple system to pen test but may have a few tricks to it as well as rabbit holes.  There were a few flags but I just wanted to obtain root. As such, the flags will not be listed in this particular walkthrough.

The Blacklight Vulnhub VM download can be found here:,242/

Date Released: 8 June 2018
Author: Carter B
Series: Blacklight

Here's the basic description taken from Vulnhub: