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June 2018

Basic Pentesting 1 Walkthrough

WARNING: There will be spoilers to Basic Pentesting 1 VM from Vulnhub. This is your warning! If you wish to penetration test this machine, do not scroll down much further.

 The Basic Pentesting 1 VM download from Vulnhub can be found here:,216/

Here's the basic description:

This is a small boot2root VM I created for my university’s cyber security group. It contains multiple remote vulnerabilities and multiple privilege escalation vectors. I did all of my testing for this VM on VirtualBox, so that’s the recommended platform. I have been informed that it also works with VMware, but I haven’t tested this personally.

This VM is specifically intended for newcomers to penetration testing. If you’re a beginner, you should hopefully find the difficulty of the VM to be just right.